Ipercorpo Theatre


Seeking and discovering a path around the theme of the father revealed itself as an exercise of listening and attention to details. Details, the ones making the difference, mark quality and identity. They captured our eye and got through this Ipercorpo edition where courageous languages converge, full of irony, deeply connected with traditions, ritu...

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Ipercorpo Music


Ipercorpo 15th edition :: The father offers a musical program with two highlight starting points: the subject who gives and the one who receives: "Thou and I, the one thing; before me, thou; that after thee, I. This is the one Power (..) generating itself, increasing itself, seeking itself, finding itself, its own mother, its own father, its sister, ...

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Ipercorpo Art


As in the past editions, reacting to the title suggestions is an opportunity to think about ways to present artworks inside the spaces of ATR ex deposit and to make them coexist with the festival forms and rhythms as a counterpoint and theoretic counterpart.

This year the problem is twice significant: the suggested theme tests the ability of the...

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