Ipercorpo Theatre


In a thought on heritage, performance is an indispensable reference because it is the most ancestral connection between man and his culture and identity. Ipercorpo is attentive to the contemporary but this edition is also looking for a link between memories of the past and present life, thanks to different projects. ExAtr-Lab, Family Affair and Corpo Central...

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Ipercorpo Music


The sound for this year edition of the festival proceeds from the concept of patrimony, focusing on the deep inner etymology of the word, meant as “the duty of the father” or even “the belongings of the father”.

An invitation to (re)build an intimate patrimony, connecting facts apparently far apart but strictly connected to the event, in...

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Ipercorpo Art


The three works that accompany the current edition of Ipercorpo focus on the notion of patrimony exploring its different declinations and inviting the public to search for the works in the city.
The patrimony that we want to address is in fact the cultural capital of objects and works that a city holds, as well as actions, habits, gazes and views. I...

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