Seeking and discovering a path around the theme of the father revealed itself as an exercise of listening and attention to details. Details, the ones making the difference, mark quality and identity. They captured our eye and got through this Ipercorpo edition where courageous languages converge, full of irony, deeply connected with traditions, rituality, body and word, sounds and ancestral gestures. Teatro Persona, with Macbettu, plunges the public into the depths of Sardinian cultural inheritance and it regenerates Shakespeare’s work with a powerful material quality. Luna Cenere brings the secret of beauty out of the essence of the naked body and in Kokoro it connects the audience to the pleasure of an aesthetics looking more at classical Greece than at the parameters of globalized society. With TROP, Andrea Costanzo Martini puts in place an ancient and delicate balance of power and constraints, bonding together artist, public and society. Gruppo nanou analyzes the fundamental elements of the scene and designs new expressive borders in Alphabet. Claudia Castellucci explores the rituality of the gesture which is able to build new communities. Muna Mussie, through her work OASIS, achieves an original time-space where it is possible to find out your own identity. This is also what happens in the work of the Israeli choreographer Ofir Yudilevitch, who rediscovers in Gravitas the childish delight for game and challenge, creating an elegant score made of jumps on a gymnastic air-flow mattress.

Claudio Angelini, Valentina Bravetti, Mara Serina

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