Workshop for architects, designers, curators

Conducted by: gruppo nanou and Daniele Torcellini (Professor of Chromatology for the Fine Arts Academies of Genoa and Verona)
In collaboration with: Ordine degli architetti di Forlì-Cesena
EXATR | 21-23 May, 18.00-22.00; 24 May, 15.00-23.00; 25 May, 18.00-23.30.
Registration is free of charge
Professional formation credits (CFP) are recognized to architects participating
Information and registration: | + 39 320.8019226

Scarica allegato

Dance seminar

Direction: Claudia Castellucci
Choreographer instructor:
Alessandro Bedosti
Stefano Bartolini

Admission test: Fabbrica delle Candele | 19 May, 10.00
Seminar days: Fabbrica delle Candele | 19-21 May, 10.00-13.00 and 14.00-18.00;
EXATR | 22-24 May, 10.00-13.00 and 14.00-18.00
Public presentation of the dance: EXATR | 24th may 20.30
Registration is free of charge
Information and registration: | + 39 320.8019226

Scarica allegato

2nd edition

Curated and conducted by: Silvia Mei
EXATR | 24-27 May, full day

A time-space of study, reflection, writing, based on Ipercorpo performative events. A sheltered but permeable place where a temporary community of “observers” is called to attend the festival and to share its singular aesthetic experiences. It is open to young people, university students and to the ones who want to get closer to contemporary scene languages. Daily meetings are mostly oriented to the work of critical writing and they will produce materials and daily papers distributed during the festival days. Observing the works from a privileged point of view, participants will come into contact with all the subjects and actors of the artistic, organizing and technical mechanism, thus getting to live the festival more fully.

Registration is free of charge
Information and registration: | + 39 320.8019226


2nd edition

A project by: Claudio Angelini and Mara Serina
Production: Festival Ipercorpo 2018
In collaboration with: ACER, ATRIUM-Rotta Culturale Europea
Workshops by: Andrea Costanzo Martini, Luna Cenere, Ofir Yudilevitch

Yards of the ACER houses | Thu 24 / Fri 25 / Sat 26 May

The collaboration between Ipercorpo and ACER (Council Houses of Emilia-Romagna) continues through the new project EXATR-Lab / 2nd edition. The particular ACER housing architecture surrounds EXATR, but the action centre will be the buildings’ yards. For three afternoons they will host workshops about movement and dance led by the festival international artists, open to kids and teenagers living in these houses. The idea is to create a game space through art, but also a working time-space about the body. This will lead the participants to an experience that will get them closer to the features of dance as a means of self-discovery inside a changing community.

Workshops are for kids and teenagers from 6 to 15 years old living in the ACER houses of Forlì.

Lorenza Scardovi – 320.8019226