Internazionational Masterclass “Scena Europa”

Organization and tutoring: Mara Serina – iagostudio

Teaching team: Pia Kramer (O Espaço do tempo – Portogallo), Marta Oliveres (Institut Ramon Llull – Spagna), Vicens Mayans (Agente129 – Spagna)

Promotion and organizational collaboration: Lorenzo Conti

EXATR | Fri 25 / Sat 26 / Sun 27 May

Some of the most brilliant European operators provide their experiential and professional heritage for this international masterclass aimed at young artists and company managers who intend to give visibility and present their shows abroad, to become part of international networks and explore innovative ways in order to activate artistic residences. Conceived and organized by iagostudio events and communication within the program of Ipercorpo festival, the masterclass consists of three days of: 3 lesson modules (10 hours), 1 module of individual advice (1 hour) and 1 module of presentations by all the international operators guests of Italian Performance Platform (3 hours) – an international project that for years has seen the presence in Forlì of some of the most interesting European operators to follow the Ipercorpo festival.


– A look at the European scene: not-to-be-missed festivals, the well-known ones and the less known but suitable for young companies wishing to work abroad. – European projects, international networks and specific projects that can inspire effectiveness in cooperation. – Strategies and techniques for the international distribution of performing arts. – Creative management, when empathy makes the difference. How to develop an alternative promotion. – Management and support of an artist. – Being ready for the international market: how to present yourself, how to present your work, mistakes to avoid. – The system of international residences between new strategies, effective models and opportunities for young creative people.


Friday 25th May: 2.30pm – 6.30pm

MODULE 1 |2.30pm – 5.30pm

Vicens Mayans (Agente 129 – art management agency – Spagna). Are we ready to go abroad? What are the most interesting festivals today in Europe? How to present yourself in these contexts? How to present your show to a foreign operator? Which elements should not be overlooked if you decide to work internationally? A practical exercise is included.


Saturday 26th May: 10.00am -1.00pm | lunch break |2.30pm – 6.30pm

MODULE 2 | 10.00am – 1.00pm

Pia Kramer (Organisation and International relationships O Espaço do Tempo – Lisbon). Residences and networks in Europe. Starting from the experience of O Espaço do Tempo – the Portuguese most important and internationally one of the most reknown centre of residences – models and best practices will be presented in relation to the system of international residences and to the forms of co-production.

MODULE 3 | 2.00pm – 6.30pm

Marta Oliveres (Ramon Llull creative department director and agency Mom & El Vivero director). Creative management. This is the formula born in Mom & El Vivero, one of the most brilliant reality for scouting, enhancement, support and circulation of young artists in the field of live arts at an international level and Marta Oliveres will illustrate the stages of this path also through some simulations.


Sunday 27th May: 10.00am – 1.00pm


Free counseling with the teachers of the course and/or the other guest operators 11.30am – 1.00pm


Masterclass participation fee costs 90 euros. Registration deadline: May 20, 2018 or upon reaching the maximum number of participants. Lessons are held in English. Organization and tutoring: Mara Serina maraiagostudio@gmail.com – mob. 338.3246269. Promotion and organizing collaboration: Lorenzo Conti

Registration feee must be paid by bank transfer to the following bank account. Please send by e-mail payment confirmation to: a maraiagostudio@gmail.com – Account holder: Associazione Culturale Città di Ebla – Bank: Cassa dei Risparmi di Forlì e della Romagna (CARIRO Forlì) – Forlì 47121, Piazza Aurelio Saffi, 33 – IBAN: IT26B0601013222100000003625 – BIC/SWIFT: IBSPIT2F

Affiliated accomodation: hotel Executive Forlì (price information upon request)


Vicens Mayans started his professional activity as a performer and actor working with Rodrigo Garcia and other international companies. He has been artistic director and choreographer of Lalupe company and since 2014 he deals with international management and distribution for the company Agente 129 of Barcelona, for which he follows world-wide festivals and events related to the world of dance, developing an original empathic way of relationship with artists and operators.

Pia Krӓmer. Graduated in Psychology, Dance and Literature at the University of Regensburb (Germany), in 1985 Pia Krӓmer founded Loft, a dance space where to teach choreography also through international workshops. In 1995 she completed a course of studies in Dance Therapy and worked for 4 years as a dance therapist with patients suffering of mental disorders. In 2000 she moved with her family to Portugal and joined university teaching with training. Since 2003 she has been working at O Espaço do Tempo, a multidisciplinary reality based in Montemor-o-Novo, where she curated projects with local community through methods of Creative Learning. Currently she deals with the artistic planning and management of international projects.

Marta Oliveres. In 1991 she founded a historical reality for the promotion and presentation of artists internationally: MOM / Elvivero, an ethical brand that develops creative, original and high-empathy techniques of promotion, summarized in the Creative Management formula that immediately sees a vibrant training activity with courses, masters and festivals. Marta Oliveres complements the distribution activity with the publishing one, publishing for a long time the magazine Artributøs, a precious media to explore new artistic trends. She is currently director of the creative department of Ramon Llull Institute, specialized in supporting Catalan artists.


Mara Serina – e-mail: maraiagostudio@gmail.com mob. +39 338 3246269

For further information: scenaeuropa.blogspot.it



Italian Performance Platform

Ideated and curated by: Mara Serina (iagostudio) and Città di Ebla

EXATR | Fri 25 / Sat 26 / Sun 27 May

Italian Performance Platform represents Ipercorpo’s international eye. Thanks to the increasing number of festival directors and curators coming from all over Europe and and beyond, it offers guest artists an opportunity for confrontation and discussion that allows them to make themselves better known abroad and to face different publics and organizational structures, widening their experience and professional background. In 6 years Italian Performance Platform has received 76 operators of 15 different nations and many of them come back regularly to Forlì because Ipercorpo represents a precious observatory, which also guarantees high quality and warm hosting.

Elenco operatori IPP2018:

Lorenzo Conti, Responsabile progetti formativi Dance Haus, Italia;

Lucia De Rienzo, Co-direttore artistico Coorpi, Italia;

Anna Esdtdahl, Manager Altofest, Italia;

Lenka Flory, Direttore Fillimit e responsabile relazioni internazionali KoresponDance Festival, Repubblica Ceca;

Pia Krӓmer, Presidente European Dancehouse Network e Responsabile Programmazione O Espaço do Tempo, Portogallo;

Màrta Ladjanszki, Direttore artistico L1 DanceFest, Ungheria;

Elia Liloff, Direttore artistico One Dance Week Festival, Bulgaria;

Vicens Mayans, Tour Manager Agente129, Catalonia/Spagna;

Eve Noormets, Direttore artistico Notafee Festival, Estonia;

Kadri Noormets, Management Notafee Festival, Estonia;

Marta Oliveres, Direttore Dipartimento Creativo Istituto Ramon Llull, Catalonia/Spagna;

Léa Poiré, Responsabile della programmazione Studio Le Regard du Cygne Paris, Francia;

Petr Pola, Direzione Comunicazione Novasit, Repubblica Ceca;

Barbara Rivoltella, Project Manager Danae Festival, Italia;

Sara Serrano, Responsabile Progetti Internazionali LEAL.LAV, Spagna;

Lucie Selfova, Responsabile organizzativo Festival Mala Inventura, Repubblica Ceca;

Svetlana Ulanovskaya, Curatore della Piattaforma Theatre + Body, Bielorussia;

Zsolt Varga, Chairman L1 DanceAssociation, Ungheria.