HIM [Remix] - If the wizard is a wizard you will see...

with: Marco Cavalcoli – dramaturgy: Chiara Lagani – direction: Luigi De Angelis – live sound: Mirto Baliani – produced by: e / Fanny&Alexander

A movie on The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is projected on a big screen placed on the stage.
Underneath it, at the centre of the scene, the figure of a little dictator-director, obsessed by the movie, incessantly dubbing it, arrogating all the roles and the whole sound to himself: voices, music and sound effects. After Him’s successful tour at several theatres all over Italy and Europe, the performance is now presented to the audience in a new adaptation remixed by Mirto Baliani.
Working live on the soundtrack of the movie, the topical scenes are emphasized by echoes of sound, reverberations and electronic processing. The actor’s body is now crossed by the movie’s sound vortex in an unexpected way, different each time.

ph. Enrico Fedrigoli

Fanny & Alexander is an art workshop founded in Ravenna in 1992 by Luigi De Angelis and Chiara Lagani. Actor Marco Cavalcoli and manager Marco Molduzzi joined the company, respectively, in 1997 and 2002. Fanny & Alexander produces theatre shows, workshops, video projects, installations, performances, photographic exhibitions, publications, conferences and study workshops.