Perdere la faccia / Losing Face

by: Menoventi – Daniele Ciprì – direction: Daniele Ciprì – with: Consuelo Battiston, Alessandro Miele, Rita Felicetti – story and screenplay: Consuelo Battiston, Gianni Farina, Alessandro Miele – photography: Daniele Ciprì – editing: Gianni Farina – produced by: e / Menoventi, Santarcangelo 41 – supported by: Regione Emilia-Romagna and ERT (Geco 2), Banca di Romagna, Comune di Faenza

Menoventi meets cinema’s world thanks to the collaboration with the Italian director Daniele Ciprì. The Sicilian director and the theatre company call the public at the projection of a short film about the mechanisms of fiction where every day we are immersed and which are the basis of many of our relationships with other people. What really awaits the spectator? What will happen during the projection? Between official information and unexpected actions the public ends to make experience of these fictions of daily life and needs to seek the truth. But discard the mask means to lose our role, our identity,everything…Means to lose the face.

Consuelo Battiston, Gianni Farina and Alessandro Miele come from different regions of Italy, where they follow different paths on their own. United from a common way to feel and think the Theatre, they found Menoventi’s theatre company in 2005.
Menoventi is a temperature. Watching upside down the thermometer of a warm salon, you can realise that it’s your own home’s temperature, only the point of view changes.