Achille Succi

Think to one morning breakfast. Think to a clarinet, fast fingers and breath in adbundance. Add fantasy and haute patisserie: delights for ears and mouth-filling, good-morning music, unexpected.

Achille Succi (Modena, 1971) is one of the most interesting prodigy among italian musicians. He studied at Boston “Berklee College” and also at “Siena Jazz” where now he’s teaching. As very talented and prodigal soloist, Succi played with Vinicio Capossela, Uri Caine, Dave Liebman, George Russell, Kenny Wheeler, Steve Coleman, ernst Reijseger, Carla Bley, Louis Sclavis, Bruno Tommaso, the New Jungle Orchestra di Pierre Dørge and the Italian Instabile Orchestra. his last personal work is “Fresh Frozen”, released by el Gallo Rojo on 2010.