Titoli di coda

End Titles, last part of most of the movies, lists all the participants to the play, contrary to the opening credits, which show only the main characters (director, scriptwriter, producer, main actors). From Thursday the 16th of may 2013 to Saturday the 18th may 2013, we invite you to bring us a track, a vinyl, a cd, a piece of your personal musical pleasure/pleasure for ears, that will become substance and will be mixed with our music space. To become other/to change/to evolve, (to turn into something else) to become the peculiar expression of one single face. Built up and modified directly on stage to the end, while someone leaves the room and someone lets the final credits slide in front of him.

Davide Fabbri (musician) and Elisa Gandini (“tightrope walker”) are the music smugglers that have gone through the “Ipercorpo” during the last seven years.