Every djset is a discretion, a long and temporary action of historical and geographical revisionism. Swap numbers around and you get not the same answer. Is not listing stuff. It’s a matter of chosing points and invent connections lines. Figure is different anytime.

Alessandro Zoffoli aka Toffolomuzik was born in Cesena in 1975. The first passions since he was a child are rooted in punk and dark music, just fifteen approaches the world of djing. Over time the passion grows and extends in various genres, the love for this art form remains and turns into work and experimentation. Today engages in productions and dj sets, finding interest and placement in various areas: from theater to dancefloor to noisy. After the audio-visual installations ‘BOmBAY NOISe’ and the live set ‘ANTIChRISTmAS’, he currently works as a music producer for the show ‘mOmeNTO BIANCO’ by the group ‘eLePhANT’.