Family Affair

Concept: ZimmerFrei
Direction: Anna de Manincor | ZimmerFrei
Sound: Massimo Carozzi | ZimmerFrei
Production: Open Latitudes network 2015-2016
Co-Production: Città di Ebla/Ipercorpo 2017, Teatro delle Moire/Danae Festival, Sardegna Teatro, Body/Mind Foundation (Warsaw), L’Arsenic, Lausanne (Switzerland), Materiais Diversos, Minde (Portugal) Sin Arts and Culture, Budapest (Hungary)

Presentation of the video installation Family Affair with the authors ZimmerFrei. Family Affair was one of the cult events of last Ipercorpo edition and this year it will be once more an experience to share with its participants but through the record of a video illustrating the whole project, a living archive that paints the state-of-the-art of contemporary family in an original way. The two screens video installation is presented for the first time in Forlì. It is an invitation to listen to a multitude of voices, an infinite series of micro-stories that nourish the great narration of Europe as an imagined continent, where similarities and assonances are always more numerous than differences. ZimmerFrei is an artistic collective with moving headquarter founded in Bologna in 2000 by Anna de Manincor, Massimo Carozzi and Anna Rispoli. Their activities include visual artworks, documentary films, sound installations, theatrical performances and public art.