Concept and choreography: Ofir Yudilevitch
Performers: Eshed Avraham and Ofir Yudilevitch
Music: Son Lux- Easy, TNGHT- Higher Ground remix, Hakobune- The Leaf Strewn Path

The international press describes Gravitas as a minimalist and original work, a game between grownups that alternates nostalgia for childhood and a competitive spirit typical of two men challenging each other. The choreography is an elegant score of bodies that jump on a gymnastic air-floor mattress. Dance is combined with the circus aesthetics elaborating a new very effective language. This is the result of the research path of Ofir Yudilevitch that comes from acrobatics and Capoeira and collaborates with some of Israel’s top choreographers. The movement appears to be broken down and the body becomes a percussion instrument in dialogue with space and gravity, balancing loads, pushes and falls without suspension. The stage play is immediately revealed, the transition between preparation and show flows without interruption challenging also daring the audience to take part in this adventure, so that everyone is not only a spectator.