Choreography and concept: Luna Cenere
Original music: Gerard Valverde
Production: Körper
Collaboration to the production: Virgilio Sieni/Centro Nazionale di produzione

‘Kokoro’ is a Japanese word that indicates our ‘inner being’ but it embodies two concepts: mind and heart. Inspired by these two key elements, Luna Cenere started a research path on her own identity following one interior way and one that arises in space through the exposition of the naked body on the scene. Images of an unreal world emerge from the body which is transfigured and it becomes a poetic medium. The body is disconnected in its forms which, isolated one by one, face the border of a parallel universe and generate images that each observer can read and recognize compared to his own individuality. Luna Cenere is a young choreographer from Naples. She studied in Italy and abroad, between Salzburg and Brussels. Beside working with prestigious choreographers such as Virgilio Sieni, she is carrying out a personal research path inspired by Yasmine Hugonnet.