by: Alessandro Serra
From: Macbeth by William Shakespeare
With: Fulvio Accogli, Andrea Bartolomeo, Leonardo Capuano, Andrea Carroni, Giovanni Carroni, Maurizio Giordo, Stefano Mereu, Felice Montervino
Translation in Sardinian and linguistic advice: Giovanni Carroni
Collaboration to scenic movements: Chiara Michelini
Music: sound stones Pinuccio Sciola
Composition and sound stones: Marcellino Garau
Direction, scene, light, costumes: Alessandro Serra
Production: Sardegna Teatro and Teatropersona
Supported by: Fondazione Pinuccio Sciola | Cedac Circuito Regionale Sardegna

Alessandro Serra puts on Shakespeare’s Macbeth acted in Sardinian and played only by men as in the purest Elizabethan tradition. The idea comes from the immersive experience in the Barbagia carnivals, between dark sounds produced by cowbells and ancient instruments, skins of animals, horns, cork, masks, an intense contamination between the Dionysian and extremely accurate formal moves. The similarities between Shakespeare’s masterpiece and the types and masks of Sardinia are astonishing, the musical quality of the Sardinian dialect is incredible, it perfectly translates the poetry of the great Bard’s verse. Body and word are intertwined in exactly the same way as the path of the company Teatro Persona that joins Grotowski’s work about physical actions with a study about Meyerhold’s biomechanics going through Beckett’s, Checov’s and Shakespeare’s plays.