Concept: Muna Mussie
With: Sherif Mussie
Co-production: Città di Ebla/Ipercorpo 2018 and Santarcangelo dei Teatri
Supported by: Xing

Oasis is the new creation of Muna Mussie. It is the natural continuation of her previous work, Unknown Soldier, which ends with some thoughts of Muna’s grandmother about the figure of the ghost. Oasis is a reflection about society and contemporary man’s role which is getting more and more similar to a ghost. Like animals, he doesn’t know anymore where to hide due to city and technology expansion. These thoughts naturally lead to the concept of “oasis” which represents a place, an apparition and an idea embracing different worlds. “My oasis – explains Muna – comes as a transparent bubble, a closed and snug place but visually exposed to the external eye. Maybe ghosts and animals hide in our fears and fantasies. Oasis is the place to welcome these fears or to set them free“. This latest work of the Eritrean artist and performer develops within her research path exploring new scenic languages in order to give a shape to the tension between the inside and the outside, micro and macro, public and private, the self and the other.