Towards the species

Dance of the “Rhythm and movement school Mòra”, based in Cesena
Direction: Claudia Castellucci
Choreographer instructor: Alessandro Bedosti
Music: Stefano Bartolini
With: the students of Mòra
And with: the participants to the dance seminar “Rhythmical Exercises of Forlì”
Organization: Stefania Lora, Elena de Pascale
Production: Socìetas
Created in: Venice for the Biennale College-Danza 2016
In collaboration with: La Biennale di Venezia

The difference existing between a dance created in the context of a school, such as the one directed by Claudia Castellucci, and the one created in a company lies in the spending of time. Mòra school (from the name of the smallest pause differentiating two sounds) treats time as a condition to tackle. Rhythm pervades the entire school life even before causing the production of a dance. The emerging dance then matches the natural conclusion of a study, not necessarily as a purpose that finalizes all the exercising days. For the school it is essential that every day is completed and full in a rhythmic sense and that it is not rehearsal. Rhythm, for Claudia Castellucci, has been the cornerstone of every school she has created – either long-term in her city Cesena or short-term in other cities – and has always distinguished her work as an artist who invents rhythmic models that can be referred to both physical movement and theoretical reflection.