Italian Performance Platform Short

This section of IPP presents three original artistic identities that are highly structured and linguistically liquid at once. The production of performances associates itself with stages of the work linked to places and imaginations, which turn out to be short formats with a strong installative imprint. They don’t fear they won’t promote a comforting kind of theatre, which belies commonplaces by showing their hidden face and which often brings up social issues connected with styles and cultural identity. They stand out for sobriety and elegance, for measure and precision, yet in the sign of a familiar landscape which can suddenly grow inhospitable and disturbing.

Silvia Mei

Compagnia Pietribiasi/Tedeschi was founded in Reggio Emilia in 2012. Its interests range from video-installation (Kinect and Animated video) to Theatre focused on social and political issues. It has developed its own research between scientific thought and humanistic thought. Its productions include: DOPOLAVORO#MemorieDalSuolo (2015-17) a site-specific performance about way of life of people who live in Alviano (TR), Italy; PUNTO TRIPLO (2015) a multimedia performance about the triple point of the water in thermodynamics; BIOS (2014) a multimedia performance inspired by a writer Julio Cortázar’s work; FREEZE (2013) a drama inspired by a psychiatrist Ronald D. Laing’s work.

Silvia Battaglio Performer and director, works on shows creation, training and collaborates with important artists including Julia Varley and Eugenio Barba. Among the shows: Un sogno per Maria (2008), Io amo Helen (2010), Le corps de Jeanne (2011). The research is focused on reinterpretation of the literary works, on exploration of issues such as identity, family, power, diversity, on reworking of archetypal figures. The working method starts from the body through the encoding of a hybrid language between dance and theater. Lolita (2014) has been hosted in several contexts including Teatro Stabile Torino (It), Odin Teatret (Dk), currently is under construction the new creation 2016, Orlando.

Nicola Galli focuses his research on body, going from choreography to performance and from art installations to graphic-visual creations. He develops an investigation on pure forms and on the notions of “stratification” and “landscape”. Now he is developing a research on solar system, made by Jupiter and Beyond (2013), Venus (2015) and Mars (première in 2016). His creation Delle ultime visioni cutanee (2014) has been selected at NID Platform 2015 and at Cairo (D-Caf festival 2016). Since 2010 to 2014 he worked as a dancer in CollettivO CineticO and since 2014 he’s supported by TIR Danza.