Ipercorpo 2018 Il Padre

After going through thoughts and actions concerning the idea of inheritance in 2017, it seemed logic to turn our research into a quest for the father. The one that etymologically creates and transfers the inheritance itself. This task is no less difficult because this word recalls founding tensions and questions which intimately have to do with our existence – so things get dangerous. Looking for the father involves going through a territory strewn with numerous, deeply personal words that immediately come to surface. We will try to define at least one of them. This word is: request. What is it asked of the father? And what do we ask of Ipercorpo 2018?

We ask for it to be a multi-ethnic and multicultural space of peace. A venue that embraces Europe and the world without forgetting the neighborhood and the city where Ipercorpo takes place. A location where international artists and operators can go beyond their proximity, not focusing exclusively on issues related to their actions, be they musical, dancing, colloquial or artistic. Where workshops (a lot this year), spaces destined to the transmission and sharing of knowledge, can unfold their artistic process and bring it towards the public while also avoiding concentrating only on the final act, i.e., on the moment of the representation. A place where it is possible to promote the discovery of the unknown, where the different people that cross Ipercorpo can miraculously touch each other. International operators wandering around the social architectures that surround EXATR, regular members of the festival audience, young high-school students dealing with the restoration of a Chilean mural, people who take part in an autumnal symposium, kids that from their home-yard face a theatre stage for the first time, contemporary art lovers, careful or lazy observers of theatre and dance, people taking part in a secular liturgy of a musical nature that totally permeates time and space for a whole Sunday in the month of May, season ticket holders of the local theatre, intellectuals and university students called to observe the festival actions knowing that your point of view can modify what you observe, friends that decide to spend the night at the festival centre in the heart of EXATR without necessarily entering the halls. Is it possible to exchange parts and propensities even only for a moment? Is this the real contemporary artistic fact? We do realize the enormity of the requests. But, in a explicit or implicit way, you can’t ask a father for less, whether biological or chosen.

Claudio Angelini